Mark Tanase - Partner, Portfolio Manager EU Fins

Mark Tanase

Partner, Portfolio Manager EU Fins

Mark Tanase is a Partner and PM at Sona Asset Management. He has 29 years of credit market experience. He joined Sona when it began trading in September 2016.

Prior to joining Sona, Mark was a PM at Lucidus Capital Partners, which he joined in 2014. Before that, he ran the European financials trading arm at Goldman Sachs from 2009 to 2014, having previously held the same role at Deutsche Bank. Mark had first joined DB’s asset swap desk in 1998, moved back to Tokyo for a year in 2001 before returning to European Financials in London. Prior to DB, Mark joined Chemical Bank in 1994 to trade foreign JPY credit before relocating to London in 1998. Mark’s career started in 1992 at Mitsubishi Bank in Tokyo, serving on the council for the introduction of ISDA derivatives documentation into the Japanese market.

Mark holds a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Michigan.

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