Generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

All-Weather Credit Long/Short Strategy
European focused, fundamental, event-driven and relative valuation credit strategy.

The aim is simple, to make steady consistent returns in all market environments. This means constructing a portfolio that is generally light net beta, focused on alpha extraction from opportunities seen across the entire credit spectrum and all capital structures. This strategy aims to make returns on both long and short positions. With rigorous fundamental research and our experienced trading skillset, we can construct asymmetric payoff profiles.

We continue to see an exciting and growing investment universe within European credit. The complexity of credit markets allows us to enable outperformance alpha through a variety of avenues, each suited to specific market conditions. To extract risk premia, we are strategically positioned for upcoming micro/macro catalysts.

Capital Solutions
Provides targeted capital in situations where funding is scarce.

A long-biased strategy that aims to provide innovative and bespoke financing solutions across the capital structure, while at the same time focusing on ensuring capital preservation and attractive investment returns for our investors. This strategy is active across rescue finance, leveraged credit and event driven markets.

Opportunities arise because the credit market can be slow and inflexible. We believe there is an ‘ability premium’ in being nimble enough to provide credit where others cannot. This strategy is focused in a compelling niche with few competitors because of our specialised credit expertise and superior sourcing ability. Our rich network of financial advisers, sponsors, and banks, gives us valuable insight into otherwise opaque opportunities.